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Retrieving Windows Event Logs


When troubleshooting software application errors, it is useful to sometimes retrieve the Windows Event Logs in order to find out what Windows is reporting around the time in which the application error occurred. Follow the steps below to retrieve the Windows Event Logs.

1. Right-Click on Windows icon and select Computer Management

2. Expand System Tools Menu

3. Expand Windows Logs Menu

4. Select the Windows Log, i.e. System, you would like to retrieve

5. Click on Filter Current Log if you would like to filter the entries over a specific data range

6. Click Save All Events As

7. Choose a Location to save the file and Name the file

8. On Display Information popup window, select Display information in these languages and select the respective languages for display

Note: The resulting *.evtx file may be quite large, If it's too large to send by email, request an upload link to send it.


  • Windows 7
  • Windows 10
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