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Disabling / Enabling the Drain Sensor in Qtegra


Disabling the Drain Sensor in Qtegra


  • iCAP 6000
  • iCAP 7000
  • Qtegra


  1. You must first close Qtegra
  2. Then open Configurator 
  3. Select Experiment Configurator 
  4. Click the arrow next to the configuration of interest to reveal components
  5. Then right click EDIT to see SETTINGS

  7. Under iCAP OES, find "Drain Flow Sensor Enabled" and click the drop down
  8. Select False to turn drain sensor off or True to enable it 
  9. After you change it, hit the Save icon and close Configurator.
  10. You can then reopen Qtegra


Customer or application determines that the drain sensor is a hindrance and needs to be turned off.

  • Capillary type does not allow light passage for sensor to function
  • Sample viscosity prevents sensor from functioning
  • Customer elects to turn off drain sensor