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iTEVA conversion to Qtegra


How do I convert iTEVA to Qtegra?


  • iCAP 7200
  • iCAP 7400
  • iCAP 7600
  • iTEVA
  • Qtegra


The iCAP 7000 series instruments have some "hardware" changes regarding a "Mini" Peristaltic sample pump, 3-stop pump windings and the integration of the "sprint valve" which is the same valve and vacuum pump the Cetac ASXpress and ESI FAST use which are also currently optional on the iCAP 6000 series instruments.

Follow the steps in the attached iTEVA Conversion/Qtegra Familiarization Guide.

Qtegra MUST be registered and “Key Code” entered as part of the installation or it will stop functioning in a short period of time.