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iCAP Duo torch with poor radial view intensities


Duo torch with poor radial view intensities


  • iCAP 6500 Dual
  • iCAP 6300 Dual


Verify torch assembly alignment and that the Duo's Radial view hole in the torch is centered in the side arm "bucket".

Verify periscope cover condition; as well as the o-ring; check the Duo torch sleeve or side arm "bucket"; if found etched and opaque, clean and/or replace the duo torch sleeve (p/n 842312051591, Sleeve for Duo Torch), periscope cover and o-ring (p/n 842312051401, Sampling O-Ring Kit). Also replace the gas line o-rings on the metal torch base and cleaned the fore-optic slide window.

Intensities came back up to where they were several weeks previous.


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