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Nebulizer/Spray Chamber Connector Kit


The Sample Introduction Tubing Spares Kit has been revised to include more drain and nebulizer PTFE fitting w/capillary fittings and to also make just those tubings available separately.

P/N 842312051402 Nebulizer/Spray Chamber Connector Kit contains these:

  • Adapter PTFE Blk Ring w/integral capillary (chamber drain), 6 EA
  • Adapter PTFE Brn Ring w/integral capillary (neb uptake), 6 EA
  • Fitting Neb Gas 4mm inline QC (Ezylok), 3 EA

Typical Sample Introduction Tubing Spares:

842312051751  Sample Intro Tubing and Connector Kit

The Kit contains new drain and nebulizer PTFE fitting with capillary, nebulizer gas tubing with check Valve, Nebulizer gas fitting (4mm push/fit connector), capillary tubing for original drain and sample inlet, Sipper Probes and Sampling O-ring kit.




iCAP 6000 Series


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