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Troubleshooting and Correcting Dripping from an Autosampler Probe


This document will details things that can be done to minimize dripping from the autosampler probe which has the potential to contaminate solutions: Troubleshooting and Correcting Dripping from an Autosampler Probe.pdf

A software feature called Standard Rack Avoidance has also been implemented in later versions of the 280/560 plugin to minimize this phenomenon.When this feature is enabled, the probe will travel in the X direction using the space between the sample and standard rack locations instead of for example traveling directly over the standard rack. This feature can be immplemented as follows:

1) Open Configurator

2) Right-click on the ASX-280 or ASX-560 plugin and click Edit settings

Edit Settings.PNG

3) Change Standard Rack Avoidance to True

Standard Rack Avoidance.png

4) Click Save configuration.PNG




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