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Rinse Solution is Not Flowing into Rinse Station


The rinse solution is not flowing into the rinse reservoir.


  • ASX-560
  • ASX-280


Try increasing the speed of the rinse pump. This can be done as follows:

1) Open Configurator


2) Click on Experiment Configurator

Experiment Configurator.PNG

3) Locate the configuration you use and click on triangle to expand it and reveal plugins

Expand Configuration.PNG

4) Right-click on ASX-560 and click Edit settings

Edit Settings.PNG

5) Increase the Analysis Pump Speed. It defaults to 24 (percentage of maximum speed). You could try 50 for example.

Analysis Pump Speed.PNG

6) Save the configuration 

Save configuration.PNG

If the increase in pump speed fails to cause the rinse solution to start flowing into the resevoir, you can also try increasing the tension on the rinse pump tubing using this knowledge article as a reference to do so: Adjusting the Tension on the Peristaltic Pump for Cetac ASX-560 and ASX-280 Autosamplers


The rinse pump is not turning fast enough to draw the solution up from the rinse vessel. This could especially be true if the distance is longer from the rinse vessel to the pump. Also, there may not be enough tension applied to the rinse pump tubing to cause it to make contact with the pump rollers and thus draw up liquid.