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Adjusting the Tension on the Peristaltic Pump for Cetac ASX-560 and ASX-280 Autosamplers


Rinse solution is not flowing on peristaltic pump for Cetac ASX-280 and ASX-560

Note: This only applies to the new style peristaltic pump (Cetac P/N 32-0851-044) and not the older style (Cetac P/N SP7440)


  • ASX-280
  • ASX-560


Adjust the tension by turning the Allen screw (circled in red in the image below), using a 1.5mm Allen wrench, associated with the clamp in reference to tubing the flow of the solution needs to be optimized through. To increase tension, adjust the screw clockwise. To decrease tension, adjust the screw counter-clockwise.



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