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Probe Not Rinsing When Using Sprint Valve in Qtegra


Autosampler Probe Not Washing with ASX560 / Sprint Valve in Qtegra


  • Qtegra
  • iCAP 7600
  • Sprint Valve


1) Close all Qtegra programs

2) Uninstall Teledyne Cetac Automation plugin (version for Qtegra 2.10 SR10 and version for Qtegra 2.14) and Cetac Rack File Manager

Cetac Plugin Rollback.png

3) Install version 4.3.2 of the Teledyne Cetac Automation plugin

Teledyne Cetac Autosamplers for Qtegra

4) Open Configurator

5) Replace any of the current Experiment Configurations using the Cetac plugin with a newly created configuration. Copy settings for ASX560 and Sprint Valve from settings in the original configuration

6) Restart the Qtegra Services


During data acquisition, autosampler probe is supposed to go back to the rinse station to rinse out the probe. With the version of the Cetac plugins referenced to Qtegra 2.10 SR10 and 2.14 this does not occur and instead the probe stays in the solution vial. Note: after the data acquisition the extra loop rinse does occur


Bug in version and of Teledyne Cetac plugin



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