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Rev 4 - 480221 - Alignment Guide for ASX-280 and ASX-560 Autosamplers


The autosampler’s alignment is critical to its ability to operate reliably. Alignment sets the horizontal location of known positions on the tray in relation to the home position at the
rinse station. This alignment is done by setting offsets in the firmware. No mechanical adjustments are required.

Use this Alignment Guide to align the autosampler when using versions of the ASX Dashboard software 1.4.1 or later: 480221 ASX-560 Alignment Guide Rev4 2022-08-30.pdf.

If you are using a version of the ASX Dashboard software previous to 1.4.1 then use this alignment guide: Rev 3a - 480221 - Alignment Guide for ASX-560 and ASX-280 Autosamplers


  • ASX-280
  • ASX-560


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