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Autosampler Not Going to Correct Vial Locations


Autosampler moving past the rinse station


  • SC-2DX
  • SC-4DX
  • SC-8DX


Pull on the home flag with a large pair of pliers for use a flat had screw drive under the tab to pry it up a little.

The goal is to extend the length of the tab so the sensor/carriage will properly trip/stop when moving towards rinse. It will seem like this tab does not move, but it will. Just a small adjustment such as 1mm is all that is needed.

Autosampler Home Flag.png



Since the probe arm moved too far past the Rinse Station, the home flag may need adjusting due to the sensor not tripping on the front edge of the home flag and therefore a physical adjustment on the inside of the autosampler needs to made to correct this


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