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Syringe Won't Move on PrepFAST


One of the syringes won't move on the PrepFAST


  • PrepFAST 2


1) Deinstall the syringe by removing the two peek colored phillip screws that couple the motor to the syringe

SV400 Module Syringe.jpg

2) If the syringe was initially in the Fill position for syringed S2-S4 (white motor coupler all the way up), press Fill in PrepFAST 2 in Qtegra. See if the motor starts moving. If it does, proceed to step 3. If it doesn't, click Dispense and see if it starts moving in the opposite direction. If it does, click Fill and proceed to step 3

3) Reinstall the syringe into the S400V module

4) Perform the Prime 3x PrepFAST 2 method in Qtegra and see if all the syringes are moving as they should now.


It is possible that the syringe had gotten stuck between the Dispense and Fill positions.


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