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Database errors, AA iCE 3000 Series


Opened Solaar and got Database errors


  • iCE 3000 Series AA
  • Solaar


Creating a New Methods Database and Recovering Methods

  1. Make sure your SOLAAR program is not running
  2. Locate the old methods database using File Explorer
  3. To do this right click on the Start icon  in the lower left corner of the computer screen
  4. Click on File Explorer 
  5. The Methods database should be located in the data folder under the SOLAARM directory, and named METHODS.SLM

    NOTE: If the file is not located in the DATA folder then use find/search to locate where the file is located. 
  6. Rename the METHODS.SLM file to some other name for example METHODS.OLD
    (This will deactivate the old methods database while retaining them in the file.)
  7. Open the SOLAAR software program  
    NOTE: When the methods database is not found a new one will be created, this new one will be empty of all methods. You can now create new methods and recover the old methods from your results.

Recovering Methods from Results

  1. Open your results 
  2. Locate an analysis run that uses the method you want to recover
  3. Right click on any data point 
  4. Select view method
  5. This will bring up the method used in the analysis, select "Make Current"

    NOTE: If the method was changed after that analysis it will not show the changes. Choose an analysis where you know the method worked to your specifications.
  6. Open the current method 
  7. Save the current method to the new database by clicking on the "Save" button
  8. Repeat Recovering Methods from Results steps until you've recovered all methods you use. 


Database corrupted


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