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Custom Autosampler Racks not showing up in iTEVA


Customer autosampler racks are not showing up in order to be selected when creatign an autosampler sequence in iTEVA


  • iTEVA


For Windows 7: Copy the files below into the  C:\Program Files (x86)\Thermo\iTEVA\SysData.

For Windows XP: Copy the files below into the  C:\Program Files\Thermo\iTEVA\SysData.

NOTE: Rename the original *.xml files  with a suffix such as “org” to indicate they were the original files installed with the software.

  • AutoSamplerConfigurations.xml
  • AutoSamplerConfigurationSets.xml
  • AutoSamplerRacks.xml
  • MAP files (these will be named something like "CETAC 5x12 Enviro 5 Map.xls")

Note: If you need assistance with creating a customer autosampler layout, please contact our technical support team.



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