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Make a new iTEVA Database


Want to make a new iTEVA Database


  • iCAP 6000
  • iCAP 7000
  • iTEVA


To create a database (DB)
  1. Open iTEVA software and in the Control Centre select Tools/Options.../Application Database to obtain the window as shown below.
    Application Database SS
  2. Click Run database wizard... to access the following window where you will have to enter the SQL password (which defaults to teva  for Windows XP or Thermo-123 for Windows 7 or as defined by user during installation if different). If unsure of password press Test Connection, the details on the right appear for the correct password.
    Run Database Wizard SS
  3. Click the button Create to create a new DB. The window below then appears where you can type the chosen DB name (2 files are created .mdf and .ldf). Click OK.
    Create Window SS.png
  4. Close the Database Wizard.
  5. Now, you need to create the active link from iTEVA to the DB by selecting in the iTEVA options window the icon active link icon.pngwhich opens the following window:
    active link screen ss.png
  6. Enter the password again and select the DB you have just created from the drop down button. Press OK and name the link to the DB as shown below (this name can be different to the DB name if required).
    Database selection SS.png
  7. The Active connection is the connection that links iTEVA to a specified DB (the one where current results will be saved). Change if required, but see below for exporting acquired results to the new DB.



iTEVA Database is too big and new database needs to be created



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