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Triplus 300 Headspace Vial Leak Check Failed Error


The Triplus 300 Headspace (HS) keeps having "Vial Leak Check Failed" warnings in Chromeleon during the vial pressurization phrase.


  • Triplus 300
  • Chromeleon


  1. Check over type of HS Caps/Vial Septa.  Do not reuse/reinject into vial septa or use screw cap HS vials that can cause leaks. Screw cap HS vial caps tend to leak and aren't recommended for use.
  2. Run a System Leak Check to see if failed or not. Please see the attached TriPlus 300 HS_ how to perform the leak check Procedure.
  3. If the System Leak Check fails, please see the Pressurization Phase below and check for leaks in the blue gas path with a Digital Helium Gas Leak Detector to try to track down the gas leak.


 Usually failing a Vial Leak Check Test during the Pressurization Phase is caused from badly crimped vials, leaky screw cap HS vials, or a leak present in the system.



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