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Communication issues


Integrion unable to communicate with Chromeleon.


  • Integrion models:
    • 22153-60301
    • 22153-60302
    • 22153-60303
    • 22153-60304
    • 22153-60305
    • 22153-60306
  • Chromeleon


1. Incorrect USB connections:

Solution: Check the USB connections. The Dionex Integrion should be connected by a USB cable to the PC on which Chromeleon is installed.

2. System not configured in Chromeleon:

Solution: Verify that the system is configured in Chromeleon and is assigned to an instrument.

3. Microsoft Windows power management option turned off power to USB devices in the system:

Solution: When the power management option is enabled, the PC automatically turns off power to USB devices that are idle. 


  • The system not being configured.
  • Incorrect USB connection.
  • The USB option is turned off. 
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