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Needle on the AS-AP sampler is breaking


Needle on the AS-AP sampler is breaking


AS-AP Autosampler


An Alignment for the sampler tray and the injection port is needed and sampler needle must be changed. 


The use of unknown vials size and different suppliers could cause such problems. The habit of moving the trays or needle arm manually on AS-AP sampler, while its running, will effect on the alignment of the needle and will lead to misalignment and needle breaking.


Causes of this issue includes:

  • Manual movement of sampler trays and the needle. Always use the commands from the software in Chromeleon to move the tray, as the alignment values of the needle might be compromised if moved manually. 
  • Use of unkonwn vial size. Always use certified Thermofisher vials as recommended in the sampler user manuals.


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