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Nalgene filtration units for IC water preparation


Filtration unit for both filtration and degassing of water used for IC eluent preparation reduces particle content as well as dissolved gas. Although proposed as single use unit, one can re-use it if dedicated only to IC water filtration.


IC manual eluent preparation


  1. Eluent water should be vacuum filtered through the device and cautiously transferred in to eluent bottle. This both accounts for filtration as well as degassing.
  2. If NaOH or NaOH/NaAcetate eluent is to be prepared, the respective amount of 50% NaOH and/or NaAcetate should be transferred into a defined volume of water in the eluent bottle.
  3. Close the bottle cap, apply head pressure (5 psi) on the bottle and swirl slightly to mix.
  4. Make sure to sufficiently prime the pump eluent flow path before continuing analysis.


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