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Module Will Not Connect to Chromeleon


Ion Chromatography Module Will Not Connect to Chromeleon, Error: Device Is Not Remote


  • Chromeleon 7
  • Ion Chromatography 
  • ICS-1000
  • ICS-1100
  • ICS-2000
  • ICS-2100
  • Integrion
  • Aquion
  • ICS-3000
  • ICS-4000
  • ICS-5000
  • ICS-5000+
  • ICS-6000 


First, check to make sure your modules are connected through USB 2.0 ports, or through a powered hub/isolator. All should be plugged in to separate ports, but if you can’t due to availability make sure the detector is plugged in separately. Reseat all USB connections.

Second, you must restart the computer and hardware before proceeding to the following steps:

  1. Check the Windows Device Manager. You should always see your modules under Chromatography Devices. Once you can see the modules, continue to step 2.
    1. If you do not see one or more of your devices, make a note of which. Double check their USB Connections.
    2. Try another USB port or an USB isolator.
      1. If it works on another USB port or a USB isolator, that USB port is bad on your computer.
    3. Swap out their USB cable for one that is working with a connected instrument.
      1. If it now is connected, your USB cable is bad. Contact Technical Support for a new cable.
    4. Try on another computer or laptop if able.
      1. If it is now connected, your software needs to be repaired. Enter your Chromeleon Installation disc and run a repair. If you no longer have the disc, reach out to Technical Support.
      2. If you do not have another computer or laptop, try running the Chromeleon Installation disc repair anyway.
  2. Go into the Instrument Configuration Manager.
    1. Expand your time base and double click on the module that will not connect.
    2. Verify you are in LIVE (not simulation) mode and find the serial number relevant to your module
    3. Press OK. Then File, Save Installation.

If after all these steps your instrument will still not communicate, please contact technical support and note the firmware and version for each module that will not connect.