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Defective or Malfunctioning I2C Bus Devices


  • The three sensors for the gas temperature, exhaust air temperature, and column chamber temperature share the I2C bus with the column switching valves and chip card readers.
  • If one of these devices is defective or not configured correctly, communication errors with other bus-sharing devices may occur and related messages will appear on the front panel display.


UltiMate™ 3000 Series:

  • TCC-3000SD


Troubleshooting Tips:

1. Take the remedial action that is described for the message. 

2. If this does not solve the problem, try to turn off the TCC. 

3. Unplug the following control cables from the connectors on the main board. 

4. Control cable for the:

  • exhaust air temperature sensor 
  • column chamber temperature sensor 
  • valve controllers and chip card readers 
  • post-column cooler (if installed) 

5. Turn on the TCC. Several messages will appear. 

6. Turn off the TCC. 

7. Reconnect one of the devices mentioned above, turn on the TCC, and check for proper functioning. 

8. If no error is reported for the device that you connected, turn off the TCC and reconnect the next device. 

9. If an error is reported for one of the connected devices, the device connected last is usually causing the problem. 

10. Take appropriate remedial action.

NOTE: If an error occurs after you have reconnected the control cable for the valve controller, check the DIP switch settings on the valve control boards.


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