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  • Thermo Fisher Scientific recommends that you degas the wash liquid on a continuous basis.
  • If the UltiMate 3000 system includes a LPG-3400 pump or an appropriate SRD-3x00 Solvent Rack, you can degas the wash liquid online via the degasser of the pump or Solvent Rack.


UltiMate 3000 Autosamplers


If a free degassing channel is available, connect the wash liquid line directly to the degasser:

  • In this case, the wash liquid can be any appropriate liquid.
  • If a free degassing channel is not available, connect the wash liquid line to the degasser via the UltiMate 3000 system pump.
  • In this case, one of the solvents delivered by the pump must also be an appropriate wash liquid.
  • All parts required for connecting the wash liquid line are provided in the Online Degas Wash kit.
  • The kit is included in the accessories kit.
  • To connect the wash liquid lines directly to the degasser:
  1. Fill a reservoir with an appropriate wash liquid.
  2. First, prepare and install the wash liquid line in the wash liquid reservoir, and then, connect the free end of the tube to the degasser inlet. (The procedure is identical to connecting the solvent lines.
  3. Place the wash liquid reservoir in the tray of the Solvent Rack.
  4. Connect the long tube from the Online Degas Wash kit to the syringe valve.

NOTE: If online degassing is not possible, for example, because the UltiMate 3000 system includes a semipreparative HPG-3200P pump, connect the wash liquid bottle from the accessories kit.

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