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Problems with column thermostatting


  • The right and left chip card readers have different I2C bus addresses.
  • A new chip card reader has an initialization address.
  • The firmware identifies this address upon power-up and checks which chip card reader is missing.
  • The replacement chip card reader is then configured automatically as required.


UltiMate™ 3000 Series:

  • TCC-3000SD


1. Identify which chip card reader is configured correctly.

2. Insert a chip card in a slot and check whether the slot is configured for the correct position (= the card is recognized properly in Chromeleon.) 

3. Turn off the TCC and disconnect the control cable from this chip card reader. 

4. Turn on and reconnect the TCC in Chromeleon. 

5. Send a CmdString command to the TCC firmware. Under ColumnOven in the Commands dialog box, select CmdString, type 49 53 in the input box, and click Exceute.


Figure 1: Sending the command string

  • The value interchanges the configuration data. Example: the chip card is accessed correctly when inserted in one of the two right slots but is not when it is inserted in one of the left slots. 
  • This means that the left DCR is configured to the same position as is the right one.
  • Sending the above CmdString command after you have disconnected the control cable from the right DCR, will configure the left chip card reader correctly.

6. Reconnect the control cable. 

7. Turn the TCC off and on again to have the change take effect.



  • If the command string ('49 53' ) is sent while both (correctly configured) chip readers are connected, the position settings for both readers will be interchanged.
  • Chromeleon then reads, for example, from chip card position A while chip card C is inserted.


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