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Display messages


  • When a fault or error occurs during the operation of the autosampler, the Status LED on the front panel changes to red.
  • One or more messages appear on the autosampler display.


UltiMate™ 3000 Autosampler Series:

  • WPS-3000(T)SL Analytical
  • WPS-3000(T)SL Semi-prep 
  • WPS-3000TBSL Analytical 
  • WPS-3000(T)RS 
  • WPS-3000TBRS 
  • WPS-3000TXRS


When the autosampler is operated from Chromeleon:

  • The message is displayed also in the Chromeleon Audit Trail.
  • Some messages in the table are identical for the different drives.
  • In the Chromeleon Audit Trail, these messages start with the drive to which the message relates: Carousel, syringe drive, needle drive, or horizontal drive. Therefore, in the table, these messages are listed as: (Drive): message.
  • To remove messages from the autosampler display, you can perform also the ClearDisplayError command in Chromeleon.
  • The PrevNext, and Clear keys appear on the navigation bar:
To … Select … 
Return to the previous message. Prev
Proceed to the next message. Next
Remove the message from the display.  Clear


  • These keys are active also when the autosampler is connected in Chromeleon.
  • The table lists autosampler-related messages along with appropriate remedial actions.
  • In addition to the messages in the table, other messages may appear.
  • If you are unable to eliminate the problem, note the exact wording of the message.
  • If the autosampler is operated from Chromeleon and if communication between Chromeleon and the autosampler cannot be established, messages appear in the Chromeleon Audit Trail.