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Temperature Malfunction Errors


How do I troubleshoot temperature malfunctions?


  • Heracell VIOS 160i
  • Heracell VIOS 250i


Find your issue in the Error-Solution table below. For more information, refer to the Heracell VIOS 160i/250i User Manual

Table 1. Potential Errors and Solutions
Error Solution
Sensor breakage: Measured value exceeds accepted limit. Request service. Dry the heaters.
Actual value above: Actual value > Set value + 1 °C *2) *4) Do not exceed permissible ambient temperature. Call field service. 
Actual value low: Actual value > Set value + 1 °C *3) *4) If the error does not reset automatically, call field service.
Actual value not plausible: Implausible temperature signal. Reset unit. If the error occurs repeatedly, call service. 
Calibration values too high/low: Max. adjust value for temperature exceeded /not attained. Acknowledge alarm, enter different target value. Refer to Temperature Set or Reset Value for more information.


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