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The convenience outlet has no power


The convenience outlet has no power.


TSX Laboratory Refrigerators  Model  Energy Star Model
TSX1205G V/Y/Z A/D
TSX1205S V/Y/Z A/D
TSX1205P V/Y/Z A/D
TSX2305G V/Y/Z A/D
TSX2305S V/Y/Z A/D
TSX2305P V/Y/Z A/D
TSX2305C V/Y/Z A/D
TSX3005G V/Y/Z A/D
TSX3005S V/Y/Z A/D
TSX3005P V/Y/Z A/D
TSX3005C V/Y/Z A/D
TSX4505G V/Y/Z A/D
TSX4505C V/Y/Z A/D
TSX5005G V/Y/Z A/D
TSX5005S V/Y/Z A/D
TSX5005P V/Y/Z A/D
TSX5005C V/Y/Z A/D


Troubleshooting Tips:

No Power

  • Ensure all switches are in the ON position (“I”) on the rear of the unit.
  • Try cycling the Chromatography Manual Reset Switch and Chromatography Power Inlet Switch to OFF (“O”) then ON (“I”).
  • Ensure GFCI Breaker (if applicable) is not tripped inside of unit.

Sensor Tripped

  • If chemicals were stored in refrigerator in an unsealed container that could have set off the safety sensor (ethanol or alcohol based).
  • Leave the doors open for approximately 5 minutes to allow any vapors to exit the refrigerator and cycle the Chromatography Manual Reset Switch. 


Power supply