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Unit is warm around door frame


Unit is warm around door frame


TSX Laboratory Refrigerators TSX Blood Bank Refrigerators TSX -30° Plasma Freezers TSX -20° Laboratory and Enzyme Freezers  Models Energy Star Model
TSX1205G TSX1204B TSX1230L TSX2320F V/Y/Z A/D
TSX1205S TSX2304B TSX2330L TSX3020F V/Y/Z A/D
TSX1205P TSX3004B TSX3030L TSX2320E V/Y/Z A/D
TSX2305G TSX5004B TSX5030L TSX3020E V/Y/Z A/D
TSX2305S       V/Y/Z A/D
TSX2305P       V/Y/Z A/D
TSX2305C       V/Y/Z A/D
TSX3005G       V/Y/Z A/D
TSX3005S       V/Y/Z A/D
TSX3005P       V/Y/Z A/D
TSX3005C       V/Y/Z A/D
TSX4505G       V/Y/Z A/D
TSX4505C       V/Y/Z A/D
TSX5005G       V/Y/Z A/D
TSX5005S       V/Y/Z A/D
TSX5005P       V/Y/Z A/D
TSX5005C       V/Y/Z A/D


This is a normal function of the unit and is a result of the perimeter heater to reduce condensation.


The Perimeter Heater is ON (swinging doors only)