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Unit warms up


Unit warms up


TSX Laboratory Refrigerators TSX -30° Lab Freezers TSX -30° Plasma Freezers TSX -20° Laboratory and Enzyme Freezers  Models Energy Star Model
TSX1205G TSX1230F TSX1230L TSX2320F V/Y/Z A/D
TSX1205S TSX2330F TSX2330L TSX3020F V/Y/Z A/D
TSX1205P TSX3030F TSX3030L TSX2320E V/Y/Z A/D
TSX2305G TSX5030F TSX5030L TSX3020E V/Y/Z A/D
TSX2305S       V/Y/Z A/D
TSX2305P       V/Y/Z A/D
TSX2305C       V/Y/Z A/D
TSX3005G       V/Y/Z A/D
TSX3005S       V/Y/Z A/D
TSX3005P       V/Y/Z A/D
TSX3005C       V/Y/Z A/D
TSX4505G       V/Y/Z A/D
TSX4505C       V/Y/Z A/D
TSX5005G       V/Y/Z A/D
TSX5005S       V/Y/Z A/D
TSX5005P       V/Y/Z A/D
TSX5005C       V/Y/Z A/D


Check the following:

1. Door is open: Make sure the door is completely closed.

2. Door seal: Check the door seal. To check the door seal, complete the following steps:

      o Open the door. o Insert a strip of paper (a couple of inches wide) between the door gasket and the cabinet flange and close the door.

      o Slowly pull the paper strip from the outside. You should feel some resistance.

      o Repeat this test at 4-inch intervals around the door. If the door does not seal properly, replace the gasket.

3. Warm product recently loaded in unit: Allow ample time to recover from loading warm product.

4. Power supply: Check for proper voltage to the unit. If there is no voltage to the unit, call an electrician.

5. If setpoints need to be adjusted, follow these steps to adjust the setpoint:

      o You can enter the programming mode by pressing the Scan button (SCAN) and holding for 5 seconds. The display will then flash "Prg" to indicate that you have entered the programming mode. 

      o Use (+) and (-) buttons to modify the values and press the scan (SCAN )button to save the value and go to the next screen.

Screen Button Function Summary
1 Initial Screen Unit Set point The temperature that the unit is set to run
2 Press Scan  Cold Alarm Temperature The temperature that will actuate the cold alarm (if active)
3 Press Scan  Warn Alarm Temperature The temperature that will actuate the warm alarm (if active)
4 Press Scan  Exit Program Mode Returns to normal operating screen

Note: If the unit is left idle for a period of 30 seconds during program mode, the program mode shall be exited. If at any point the scan button is pressed and held for a period of 10 seconds, the unit shall enter the service mode.