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Emergency Shutdown


Shutting down the system in an emergency


LTQ XL Ion Trap Model


If you need to turn off the MS detector in an emergency follow these steps:

  • Place the main power switch (located on the power panel at the right side of the LTQ Orbitrap XL ETD) in the Off (0) position. This turns off all power to the instrument, including the linear ion trap, multiple socket outlets, and the vacuum pumps.
  • The main power switch must be turned 90° anti-clockwise to switch off the instrument.
  • The instrument is automatically vented by the vent valve of the linear ion trap.
  • The vent valve vents the system 30 s after power is switched off.
  • Although removing power abruptly will not harm any component within the system, this is not the recommended shutdown procedure to follow.

NOTE: To separately turn off the recirculating chiller or computer in an emergency, use the On/Off switches on the chiller and computer, respectively.


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