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Placing System in Standby


How to place the LTQ Orbitrap XL ETD system in Standby condition


LTQ XL Ion Trap Model


To place the LTQ Orbitrap XL ETD system in Standby condition:

  1. Wait until data acquisition, if any, is complete.
  2. Turn off the flow of solvent from the LC (or other sample introduction device).

Note: For instructions on how to operate the LC from the front panel, refer to the manual that came with the LC.

  1. From the Tune Plus window, choose Control > Standby (or click on the On/Standby button to toggle it to Standby) to put the instrument in Standby condition. The consequences of this user action are described in the LTQ Series Hardware Manual. The System LED on the front panel of the LTQ XL is illuminated yellow when the system is in Standby condition.
  2. Leave the LC power on.
  3. Leave the autosampler power on.
  4. Leave the data system power on.
  5. Leave the LTQ Orbitrap XL ETD main power switch in the On position.


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