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Module connection and communication issues


Lately, a number problems with USB drivers have been observed which affected the operation of UltiMate system in Win10 on the Dell Optiplex computers.

Issue with connecting the VWD-3000 UV detector (see image below). There were also reports that the communication for several modules dropped out after a certain time sometimes the modules will not be displayed in the CM ICM

Module connection and communication issues - image.png


  • UltiMate 3000
  • CM 7.2 SR5 MUx
  • CM 7.2.9
  • CM 7.2.10
  • Windows 10
  • Currently modules from VQ-Flex are not affected


Check if the C-state is switched on. In Dell Bios Settings >> Performance >> C-state, the box should be checked.

Note that, due to the known issues with the IC modules, Labservice has changed the settings for this. For IC modules, the option should be left unchecked.

It is strongly recommended to use the Startech PEXUSB4DP USB 2.0 PCI card offered from Labservice or something similar. It is important that the card will be connected directly to the computer’s power supply. This card can be ordered with the following information: SAP Part N°: COMP-U-24 StarTech PCIe card 3 external USB 2.0 ports + 1 internal.

Note that the card provided from Labservice does contain the connection cable to the power supply. If the card has been ordered directly from Startech, you must order the cable separately: P/N LP4SATAFMD.


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