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Sampling Accessories for the Summit Spectrometer

Nicolet Summit FTIR spectrometers are compatible with Thermo Scientific™ Nicolet™ iS5 iD sampling accessories and hundreds of other third-party accessories.

For instructions on installing a sampling accessory, see Install a Sampling Accessory

With the following accessories and adapters, the Summit spectrometer can quickly and easily measure a wide range of samples.

Everest ATR Accessory

115355_Everest ATR front white background.jpg

The Everest™ ATR accessory is a high-performance, versatile single-bounce attenuated total reflectance accessory and is ideal for analyzing liquids, solids, pastes, or powders. The Everest ATR accessory was specifically designed to fit Summit spectrometers.

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iD1 Transmission Accessory

115360_iD1 Transmission Open Cover with Poly.jpg

The iD1 Transmission accessory is convenient for sampling films, pellets, liquids, and gases and fits a wide range of transmission accessories. The sample compartment fits gas cells and cuvettes up to 10 cm.

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iD5/iD7 ATR Accessories

115361_iD7 ATR accessory front.jpg

The iD5 and iD7 ATR accessories—designed for the Nicolet iS™5 spectrometer—are alternatives to the Everest ATR accessory. While these ATR accessories are excellent multi-purpose accessories, the Everest ATR accessory is recommend for use with Summit spectrometers.

iD Base Adapter Plate

115357_iD Base Adapter_1.jpg

The iD Base Adapter accommodates a wide variety of third-party accessories for FTIR sampling, including large transmission accessories and other specialized accessories. Pair the iD Base Adapter with the slide mount sample holder for even more options.

Slide Mount Sample Holder

115358_iD Base and Slide Mount.jpg

Pair a slide mount sample holder with the iD Base adapter to use slide-mounted accessories that are too large for the iD1 Transmission accessory.

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Golden Gate ATR Accessory

115356_Golden Gate ATR.jpg

The Golden Gate ATR accessory features a sapphire anvil for high pressure contact and a rugged exterior, allowing you to analyze a range of samples, from single particles and fibers or hard solids to corrosive liquids. The Golden Gate ATR accessory is also ideal for macro sampling.

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