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Running out of Disk Space on OMNIC Paradigm Computer


The disk space is used up on an computer running OMNIC Paradigm v2.2


OMNIC Paradigm v2.2


Follow the procedure below to avoid creating additional backups in Paradigm 2.2 and filling up the hard drive.

Note: These steps must be performed to fully fix the backup issues.  Updating to a new version cannot fully fix this issue.

  1. Delete the backups.
  1. Open OMNIC Paradigm in Desktop view
  2. Select the Configure > Database Maintenance > Back Up menu item
  3. Note the file path specified in the "Backup location" in the dialog box.  Select the text and copy it by pressing Ctrl+C.
  4. Open File Explorer and paste (Ctrl+V) the path in the search bar at the top and press the Enter key.
  5. Delete all folders in this location that start with "thermDbBackup".
  6. Empty the Recycle Bin on the Windows Desktop to ensure all old backups are fully deleted from the computer.
  1. Make sure Database Backup settings are correct to turn off the backup repeat.
  1. In Paradigm, click on the Configure > Database Maintenance > Back Up menu item.
  2. Verify that the checkbox for "Repeat" is unchecked.
  3. Click the Save button to save the settings.
  4. Close the Paradigm software.
  1. Delete the settings file.
  1. Click on the Windows Start menu and type in %ProgramData% and press the Enter key.
  2. A File Explorer window will open the the folder C:\ProgramData. 
  3. Navigate to the C:\ProgramData\Thermo Scientific\Paradigm folder.
  4. Find and delete the file called "SchedulerConfig.json"
  5. Reboot the computer

Note: If any settings in Database Maintenance > Back Up dialog are modified after this procedure has been performed, this will cause the backups to start occurring again and the procedure will need to be repeated.


This problem was corrected in Paradigm v2.3 software, but updating to v2.3 from v2.2 may not correct the behavior.  The only way to correct this behavior is to follow the procedure to disable it.

If the system came from the factory with Paradigm v2.3 or later, this backup issue should not be a problem.


OMNIC Paradigm v2.2 can have a situation where the software will create a new backup copy of the measurements database every day instead of overwriting the previous backup.  Over time, this will use up a lot of the hard drive space and eventually may fill up the computer disk space.


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