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Thermo Fisher Scientific

TFS_TestWritePermission.test Log Entry


Logging in as an Administrator or User account may cause an event to be logged into the Audit Manager Log. The account may have access to the security administration application and remote ability to a security server.

Log Entry_TFS_TestWritePermission.test.png


  • OMNIC version 9 or higher
  • InSight version 2.5 or higher


With security option installed, at startup, our Security Suite software runs what we call Level 1 diagnostics to verify correct operation of the security features

When a user logs into our software, the software writes out TFS_TestWritePermission.test to verify that user has correct permissions to access the secure location for data storage

  • This test is run by the associated service under the owner of this service
  • After the write, the software deletes this file to cleanup
  • If the test fails, the user is notified of an error condition
  • This write and delete is observed by the file monitoring service and reported as events to the Audit Manager
  • All users will go through this step during software start up
  • This is normal and expected behavior for all users