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Explore Measurements in Spectra View

When viewing your measurement results in the session view, you may want to explore a specific spectrum in more detail with tools not available in the session view. Fortunately, you can easily save a spectrum to your Measurements and then open it in the Spectra view.

❖ To view a spectrum from your session analysis in the Spectra view

  1. In the Session Analysis view tab, select the Cursor tool and click a point you wish to analyze.
  2. Open the spectra pane, if it is not already open, to view the spectrum at the selected point.
  3. Right-click the spectrum and select Add selected spectrum to dashboard measurements. Note the X and Y position of the spectrum, as displayed in the spectra pane.
  4. Click the Dashboard icon to return to the dashboard.
  5. Under Measurements, find your spectrum. The spectrum is named using the X and Y position.
  6. Right-click the spectrum and open it in the Spectra view.
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