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Install OMNIC Paradigm Software

OMNIC Paradigm software comes preinstalled on the Thermo Scientific™ Nicolet™ Summit Spectrometer and is ready to use with the attached touchscreen monitor or with an external monitor connected by Mini DisplayPort.

Install OMNIC Paradigm software on your desktop, laptop, or other device to connect to Summit spectrometers or other instruments, such as Nicolet iS5 or iS50 spectrometer, over an Ethernet, WiFi, or USB connection. Connect to an instrument to measure a sample and disconnect to allow other operators to use the instrument while you analyze your data or develop workflows.

This guide walks you through installing OMNIC Paradigm software.

Before You Begin

Your system should meet the recommended system requirements outlined below to run and use OMNIC Paradigm software.

Install OMNIC Paradigm software

Installing OMNIC Paradigm software takes only a few minutes.

❖ To install OMNIC Paradigm software

  1. Insert the provided installation media (either DVD or flash drive).
  2. Run the installer.
    1. Open the files and run the start.exe file.
    2. Follow the on-screen prompts to install OMNIC Paradigm software.

Set Up and Connect OMNIC Paradigm software

By default, data is saved to the database on your local device. If you connect to a Nicolet Summit Spectrometer, you can continue using your local database, or you can connect to the database on the instrument or another database located on your network.

❖ To connect to a default database

  1. Open OMNIC Paradigm software.
  2. Select Configure > Database.
  3. In the Database Engine list, select Thermo Scientific Built-in Database.
  4. Enter the server address or URL for your database. The server address or URL is the name of the instrument that you want to connect to on your network.

For more on setting up your database, see "Configure Your Database".

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