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Process Time Series Data

As with a standard measurement, you can process Time Series data to correct baselines or account for ATR measurements, perform spectral math, smooth data, and more. When you apply a processing operation in a Time Series analysis, the operation is applied to all spectra at once. For example, performing Auto Baseline Correct will correct the baseline of every spectrum in the analysis.

Select an option from the Display menu to convert all spectra to that display format. For instance, if your analysis contains a mix of measurements using %transmittance units and absorbance units, selecting Display > Absorbance ensures that they all use absorbance units.

You can view or remove past processing operations in the History tab.

Process Time Series data.png

Convert all spectra to the same y-axis units

To convert all spectra to the same y-axis units, select an option from the Display menu. You should always make sure your spectra all use the same display units before you apply any profiles. If your spectra use a mix of units, the profiles may show inaccurate or misleading values.

Remove a processing operation

To remove a processing operation, go to the History tab and right-click the operation. You can remove either a single operation or all operations.

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