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What's new in the latest version of OMNIC Paradigm software?

For more information about the newest version of OMNIC Paradigm software, see the release notes.

New tools for analyzing and processing samples and for managing data

OMNIC Paradigm software now offers new features for analyzing samples, viewing spectra, and deleting unwanted data.

Contaminant analysis: Identify contaminants in your sample

Contaminant Analysis identifies and quantifies potential contaminants in your sample quickly. The software analyses a sample containing a known material and tells you what potential contaminants it contains.

contaminants-results - wn.png

Data smoothing: Reduce noise in your spectra with data smoothing

You can reduce noise in your spectrum by using Smooth in the Processing menu. Use automatic smoothing for quick improvements or adjust how the Savitsky-Golay algorithm is applied for finer control.


Clean Up Database: Keep your records tidy with the database cleanup tool

With the new database cleanup tool, you can automatically delete old measurements when they reach a preset age.


Normalize: Make comparison simple by normalizing the scale of spectra

You can now change the Y-axis scale of spectra to a "normal" scale, in which the Y values of the data points range from 0 absorbance units for the lowest point to 1 absorbance unit for the hightest peak or from 10% to 100% transmittance. These normal scales are typical of spectra in commercial libraries.

Search Setup shows the current spectrum

Now when you open Search Setup from the Spectra view, the spectral regions selector uses your currently selected spectrum, rather than the default example spectrum.

New in OMNIC Paradigm software for the Nicolet RaptIR FTIR Microscope

OMNIC Paradigm software now has more tools to support the Nicolet RaptIR FTIR microscope.


Control the optional visible and IR polarizers in the software.

Quant profile type

You can now use a quant method created in TQ Analyst software as your chemical image profile. In the Analysis tab, select Quant from the list of available profiles and specify a QNT file.

Automatic background reference position

When using the RaptIR sample holder, you can automatically move the stage to the built-in reference location for easier background collection.

Switch between three objectives

If you have three objectives installed, you can now easily cycle between them or choose a specific objective.

Additive mosaics

Move the stage and collect a new mosaic (high or low magnification) and add it to your mosaic sky view. Adding to your mosaic makes it easier to examine a large area of your sample or to focus on a new portion of the sample.

Analyze MAP files from OMNIC software

Open .map files created in OMNIC software and automatically convert them to a .session file that you can explore in OMINC Paradigm software.

Import / Export RaptIR Settings

Now you can import and export your saved settings used for microscopy, just like you can for standard spectroscopy.

New features available with Security Suite software

The new version of OMNIC Paradigm software makes it easier to manage digital signatures with Security Suite software.

Filter records by signature status

Use the Signature filter to find records based on their signature status. For example, you can now quickly find all your records that need to be approved and approve them all at once.

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