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Thermo Fisher Scientific

Welcome to OMNIC Paradigm software

Thermo Scientific™ OMNIC™ Paradigm software for desktop and touchscreen is an advanced software package for FTIR spectroscopy and microscopy, designed to simplify how you acquire, process, and interpret data and to help you work remotely and collaborate with colleagues around the globe.

Manage new and recent work from the dashboard


With the new dashboard in OMNIC Paradigm software, you can set and save your measurement settings, measure a new sample, resume your recent work, or run an automated workflow all from the same, convenient screen. 

In the touchscreen interface, the home screen provides many of these same tools and features in an even more streamlined, intuitive interface so operators can focus on their work and on the tools they need.

Process, analyze, and explore spectra in the Spectra view


Use the Spectra view to process, analyze, or explore your data in depth. Here you can process your data, find and label peaks, and optimize the view so you can more easily compare or analyze spectra.

The results pane allows you to quickly add or remove a spectrum from the main view, explore details of each spectra, or review the change history of your selected spectrum.

Automate repetitive tasks with Workflows


Automate your tasks with a workflow to ensure that measurements are collected and processed in exactly the same way each time. Edit or create a workflow by simply dragging and dropping tiles in the workflow editor, and then run the workflow at the click of a button.

Operators using Paradigm for touchscreen can import and run one of our factory installed performance tests or a custom workflow right from the home screen.

Share your work remotely


Upload your data to the cloud and use OMNIC Anywhere to view, analyze, or share your data using any connected PC, Apple computer, Android or iOS device.

With a free Connect account, measure samples in the classroom or lab, upload the data to your Connect account, and view, explore, or share the data on another device in your dorm or workspace.

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