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Audit Manager Configuration Utility for OMNIC Security Suite 2.1


If the managed service account password expires or the customer wants to use a new managed service account for the Audit Manager program, the Audit Manager Configuration Utility must be used or else the Thermo Scientific Audit Log Service may stop running.


  • Security Suite
  • Audit Manager


This same utility can also be used to move to a database other than the one currently selected on their system.

From the directory C:\ Program Files (x86) \ Thermo Scientific \ Audit Log Service, run the Configuration Utility.exe file.

In order to run the Configuration Utility, the user account logged into the computer must be granted access within the Security Administration program under the Audit Manager application. The default setting is to allow the Administrators group access, so if the user account is a member of that group, they should have access.

Select the managed service account to use and put in the password in for that acount.

Once completed the database that you choose will be configure for use and the Status will be displayed.

This same utility program can be used to change the database engine. This can be done by selecting a different database engine from the drop down box, and then completing the fields for the selected database type.


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