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Backing Up the Audit Manager SQLite Database File


When the SQLite option is chosen for the Audit Manager with the OMNIC Security Suite, the database file is installed on the local computer.  This file is located in the "C:\ProgramData\Thermo Scientific\Audit Log\" directory and has a file name of "Auditmanager.db". 

Many customers will want to backup this file on a regular basis to prevent loss in the case of a computer crash or accidental file deletion.  Since this is a live database file, precautions should be taken to prevent corruption of the file or improper backup due to the file changing during the backup.


Audit Manager with the OMNIC Security Suite


The recommended way to backup this file is to use a backup script to stop both the Thermo Scientific Security Service and the Thermo Scientific Audit Log Service, copy the database file, and then restart the Thermo Scientific Audit Log Service followed by a restart of the Thermo Scientific Security Service. This should be performed during non-working hours to make sure audit trail events are not happening during the backup process and because logins to the OMNIC software will not be allowed when the Security Service is stopped.

When the Thermo Scientific Audit Log service is stopped, no information will be written to the database and therefore it is safe to backup the file.


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