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RPG Qualification Re-Certification


Observations are required for the Re-Certification process with RPG Curriculums


Thermo Fisher Unniversitry

RPG Curiculums Only

TFU Codes for RPG Certification


For recertification, TMC have added in the curriculum the need for an observational mentoring event. 

The FSR can select any mentor to undertake this. It allows the review of the FSR with respect to qualification events during the last year or so, as recertification is done every 3 years.

The mentor can discuss with the FSR and review OJT IQOQ events, recording the SAP/C4S job numbers, customer and instrument summaries.  

If there have been no recent qualification events, just as with field service work a refresher may be required, or even retraining. 

For RPG IQOQ certification an observed mentoring event at a customer site or local office will be required, however if the FSR can demonstrate they carry out qualification events routinely, a discussion can be sufficient to confirm their status.  

The OJT in TFU should be completed by the mentor, including the detail in the comments section, and recording completion of the mentoring with supporting evidence.

TFU Codes for RPG Certification