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TraceFinder Learning Resources and Help Information


What are the options for learning to use TraceFinder?


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There are three options for learning to use TraceFinder: Self-training, attending a course or class at a training center, or onsite training.


This option may be suitable for those who already have LC-MS or GC-MS experience using other software packages.   

Tutorials and videos for TraceFinder may be found at   This site also contains: Data report templates, Plugins, Archives, and the “Ask a Guru” section where you may pose questions to the TraceFinder product team.

Product Manuals and Quick References:  The complete user manual set is installed on the computer when TraceFinder is installed, and are available from the Windows Start Menu:  Start -> All Programs -> Thermo TraceFinder -> Manuals.    The manuals include:

  • TraceFinder User Guide (in depth reference)
  • Short Cut Menus Quick Reference
  • TraceFinder Acquisition Quick Reference
  • TraceFinder Analysis Quick Reference
Course or Application Class

Attend a mass spectrometry course or application class at one of our training centers. This option is a very beneficial to new users. It offers the opportunity to speak face to face with one of our application and training specialists as you learn MS theory, and acquire hands on operation and basic user maintenance experience with the instrument and software. 

Onsite Training

With this option  an application specialist will visit your lab and work with you directly to provide general operations and user maintenance training as well as help you develop your specific methodology on your own equipment.  This option is excellent for new users or for experienced users who wish to get the most out of their instrumentation.  It provides you one-on-one time with one of our application specialists in your laboratory, allowing you their full attention. 

Please visit one of the following sites for inquiries regarding onsite or training center courses:


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