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Blue Indicator Light for Detector Temperature in Qtegra


Blue indicator light for Detector Temperature in Qtegra


  • iCAP 6000 Series
  • iCAP 7000 Series


The blue icon in Qtegra Dashboard is only an indication that the detector temperature is lower than -50°C which is not a problem for measurements. The iCAP will still perform perfectly well and no immediate action needs to be taken.

However, if one sees drifting peak positions and this temperature reads -55 degrees ( in iTEVA), then the Camera needs replacing.

Please note: The chiller needs to be switched on for the camera to cool.

To check the exact temperature in iTEVA, perform the following:

1) Open iTEVA iTEVA icon.jpg

2) Select admin from dropdown menu and click Ok

iTEVA Login.jpg

3) Click the Instrument Status icon

Instrument Status Icon.jpg

4) The detector (Camera) Temperature will be displayed in this window.

Camera Temperature in Instrument Status.jpg




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