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Glass Expansion Trident Internal Standard Mixing Kit


Customer has with their iCAP a T-fitting that looks like PEEK material. Is this for internal standard (IS) mixer?


  • iCAP 6500 Radial
  • iCAP 6500 Dual
  • iCAP 6300 Radial
  • iCAP 6200 Dual
  • iCAP 6300 Dual


Customer has gotten the PEEK T-fitting directly from Glass Expansion. Our standard IS mixing kit, if used, is P/N 842312051551. The kit contains 1 complete assembly and extra pump windings. See the attached image of the mixing kit and application note.

The Glass Expansion - Trident Internal Standard Kit for HF solutions is P/N 60-808-1150 and contains:

Part Number Description Part Number Description
60-808-1124 HF Mixing Chamber/Tee 60-808-1187 Internal Standard Probe
UFT-EZT-16-50 UniFit - EzyFit Sample Tube, 0.50mm ID (x1) KK711E Vitex Gripping Paper (PKT 6)
EZT-16-50 (x2) EzyFit Sample Tube, 0.50mm ID (x1) 70-803-0924 Flared Connector
EZT-16-25 EzyFit Internal Standard Tube, 0.25mm ID (x1)    


Trident Dilution Factor Calculator  

(available online at

Sample pump tubing: orange/white, 0.64mm ID

Internal standard pump tubing: orange/blue, 0.25mm ID

Sample is diluted by 13.2%

Final concentration of sample is 0.868 times initial concentration


Internal standard is diluted by 86.8%

Final concentration of internal standard is 0.132 times initial concentration

or Internal standard is diluted by a factor of 7.6

This calculation should be used as a guide only. Variations between pump tubes and roller pressures mean that the accuracy of the calculation cannot be guaranteed.