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iCAP 7600 Sprint Valve Connections, Plumbing, and Sample Loop


The iCAP 7600 has hardware changes regarding a 4 channel "Mini" Peri Pump, pump windings and the integration of the "sprint valve" which is the same valve and vacuum pump the Cetac ASXpress and ESI FAST use.


iCAP 7600


Port Number Fitting Color Description
1 Brown Sample Loop
2 Clear to Auto Sampler Probe
3 White to Vacuum Valve
4 Brown Sample Loop
5 Green to Carrier / Rinse
6 Blue to Nebulizer

See Figure 2 for a schematic.

For manual operation where the autosampler is not needed you can either bypass the valve altogether or use the "Load" position of the valve and a standard sipper probe instead of the aerator probe assembly as in the Figure 3.

Sprint Valve

Sprint Valve rebuild or repair kits are available for both Aqueous (842312052631) and Organic (842312052641) applications. The kits contain Valve Head assembly, complete tubing set, sipper, aerator probe, colored thumb fittings and ferrules, and Allen key tool set.

These parts are available by kit only. The parts are not available individually.

Sample Loop

The "Sample Loop" portion of the sprint valve assembly comes in various length/volumes for the various Method or LabBook sample analysis times. The "Sample Loop" is replaceable using the following available part numbers:

Aqueous Kits:

  • 842347004047, Sample loop Assembly Aqueous 2mm ID - 0.7ml (Aqueous Kit)
  • 842347004048, Sample loop Assembly Aqueous 2mm ID - 1.0ml (Aqueous Kit)
  • 842347004049, Sample loop Assembly Aqueous 2mm ID - 1.5ml (Aqueous Kit)
  • 842347004050, Sample loop Assembly Aqueous 2mm ID - 2.0ml (Aqueous Kit)
  • 842347004051, Sample loop Assembly Aqueous 2mm ID - 3.0ml (Aqueous Kit)
  • 842347004052, Sample loop Assembly Aqueous 2mm ID - 4.0ml (Aqueous Kit)
  • 842347004053, Sample loop Assembly Aqueous 2mm ID - 5.0ml (Aqueous Kit)

Oil Kits:

  • 842347004054, Sample loop Assembly Oils 1mm ID - 1.02ml (Oil Kit)
  • 842347004055, Sample loop Assembly Oils 1mm ID - 1.48ml (Oil Kit)
  • 842347004056, Sample loop Assembly Oils 1mm ID - 2.0ml (Oil Kit)
  • 842347004057, Sample loop Assembly Oils 1mm ID - 3.0ml (Oil Kit)


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