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Thermo Fisher Scientific

iCAP Computer and Laptop Communication Issues


FSEs use their laptop computers loaded with iTEVA of current or previous versions, to troubleshoot our customers computer and instrument communications issues. Firewall and virus protection, especially the Symantecs, are typically turned OFF.

With more current Windows Service Pack firewalls and anti-virus protection, turning these OFF does not turn off Auto Blocking to allow proper handshaking of iTEVA with the iCAP.

This has been observed with Symantec Client Firewall v8.7.4.104.


  • iCAP 6500 Radial
  • iCAP 6500 Dual
  • iCAP 6300 Radial
  • iCAP 6300 Dual
  • iTEVA
  • Symantec Client Firewall v8.7.4.104


Setup both Anti-Virus Blocking Exclusions and Program Exceptions to allow proper handshaking of iTEVA with the iCAP:

  • AutoBlock Exclusion:
  • Program Exception: tspec32.exe