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Unknown Device when Connecting Autosampler via USB


When trying to connect an ASX-560 via USB to the PC, the device shows up under "Other devices" in Device Manager instead of being assigned a COM port under the "Ports" menu

In December of 2022, Cetac implemented new Rev 3 boards in their Cetac ASX-560 and Cetac ASX-280 autosamplers. These new boards are not compatible with older versions of Windows prior to Windows 10 for the USB connections.

-The new board will still work with Windows 7 when communicating via a serial RS232 (9-pin) connection using port COM1, when available. 


  • ASX-560
  • ASX-280
  • Windows 10


  1. Use serial connection. if available. on COM 1.
  2. If there is no available serial port on the computer, send customer an Extra Serial Port (PCI card) via P/N 2600256  for the customer's IT department to install
  3. Have customer use a USB to Serial port adapter

Serial Number Cut-offs*

Cetac started building with Rev 3 boards with these serial numbers.

ASX-280 - 102262A280

ASX-560 - 1022121A560

These five Thermo (ASX-560) SDX-99-0005s that went out with the Rev 2 boards that are out of sequence with the serial numbers above.






* We’re going to get (may have already received) a final batch of several hundred Rev 2 boards, and these will be used for ASX-560, ASX-280 and XLR-860 systems until they’re all gone, which means that the serial number cutoff (above) should be considered that point at which Rev 3 boards started shipping, not the point onwards from which all boards will be Rev 3.

Note: Another way to identify if the Rev 3 or Rev 2 board is present in the autosampler is that the Rev 2 board has a big black central chip on the mainboard whereas the Rev 3 boards do not.

**Note: The serial number for the autosamplers are a date code formation (MMYY##ASX0) for month, year, build # and model number of the autosampler. So, ASX-560 (S/N 1022121A560) would be the 121st unit built in October 2022.




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