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Labbook Freezes while using PrepFAST


Labbook Freezes on "Wash will complete when the FAST method finishes."



  • iCAP Qnova
  • iCAP Q
  • ESI PrepFAST SC-4dx


  1. Open the FAST method being used
  2. Find the line that says "Loop Rinse Toggle"- This will be in the right column of the FAST method
  3. Click the + button to expand that line
  4. Change the timing for Method at 12s to 11s, Method at 18s to 12s. (Double click on each line, and a box will appear for you to change these values.)
  5. Once changed, click save to save the FAST method.
  6. Once saved, restart the computer, and reload Qtegra. Make a new lab book and reload the FAST method. Double check that the new values are correct.

NOTE: If using a 1.5mL loop you may also want to check the method settings and make sure that the uptake time is between 30 and 35s.


Qtegra update, requires this change.


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