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No Flow Through Valve


No solution is getting to the nebulizer from the FAST valve


  • FAST
  • PrepFAST


Check to ensure that the valve has been assembled correctly. The P6/P7/P7+ marker should be in line with ESI marking and also in line with the screw head in between ports 4 and 5.

P6 Valve.gifPrepFAST Valves Installed Correctly.png


If the valve has been assembled correctly, then it is possible that the actuator is not snapping into the correct position when sent to the Load and Injector position. To correct this try re-indexing (re-homing) the valve. This knowledge article will instruct you on how to re-home the valve: Re-Homing the Valve



If the valve is not assembled correctly, the ports in the stator will not be aligned properly with the correct groove in the rotor.


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